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About Us

Another skincare brand in the market, but are we just “Another” skincare brand? Well we’re glad to say that, we’re not. Bath Organica as the name goes, believes & does thrive on ORGANIC & HANDMADE Products and caters to everything bath & body. 

Co-founded by Pratik Gupta, an Engineer From Warwick University, London & Ankita Gupta, with a Masters from Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Bath Organic was born with the sole motive of providing authentic products in the market.

Three things that gave birth to Bath Organica: COVID, authentic skincare products, and products that work and they are what they claim. Deep diving into the ingredients of each product during this quiet phase is what led to the creation of this brand. Endless Research of the ingredients that are Genuinely Effective and potent was the priority in the development of the Products.

The Most Important and Basic Rule For Bath Organica has been- NATURE NEVER FAILS US. We believe that there is nothing that the Nature Can’t solve, be it Pigmentation, Acne or Irritation. Nature not only has the Power to Repair, it even Heals. And that is what we have based our Formulations on. Basic yet Effective, Natural but Potent. We have worked Diligently to bring to the people the power of Nature Packed in a Bottle. PURE-ORGANIC-UNADULTRATED.

Also we Used a Unique way of Making our Products not only Nourishing but Healing. We use Aromatherapy in our Products which is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Commonly known as essential oil therapy and has been used for Centuries for its Therapeutic Benefits. It is a type of complementary and alternative medicine that uses plant oils that give off strong pleasant aromas (smells) to promote relaxation, a sense of well-being, and healing.

What Aromatherapy does is - When inhaled, the scent molecules in essential oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and especially impact the amygdala, the emotional centre of the brain decreasing anxiety and emotional stress.

Launching with a range of products from bath oils to hair butters, we aim to be one of your favourite off the shelf picks & your go-to skincare regime. All of our products use no Harmful Chemicals, Parabens, Preservatives & are Absolutely Cruelty Free. We are Currently 100% Vegetarian and As a brand, we aim to go vegan in the coming quarter too!

For us It all Started Close to Home. Ankita has a Sensitive Skin, Intolerant to Harsh Chemical Products available in the Market. For Over Three years She Struggled with finding the right products, trying & testing The Highly Recommended New Regimes of On The Counter Products. But Nothing Helped. They worked For a bit and after Discontinuing usage, we went back to the same Problems. At last it was back to Nature & Homemade Organic Products that worked the best.

We Realised that when it came to Skincare no one Really Questioned or Realised what being organic or natural really was. No one Questions whether the Ingredients are Organic, is their Sourcing Ethical, What are the Formulations, Are they Effective, Will they work for our Skin Type or Will they harm us. Lot of Brands Claim to be Clean or Safe. But Have we actually bothered Reading the ingredients and checking them.

Being a mother of 2, it was an eye opener & got her Thinking What is the Solution. Ankita got the best Products available in the Market, Expensive Ones, but these too were not as Clean or Chemical free as they claimed. Eventually She decided to launch a line of products that are ideal for babies, she quotes, “Being a mother has only driven me to provide the best for my babies, & I would hope the same for all mothers to have access to the Genuine Products best for their kids.” 

Indulge yourself into the purity & goodness of Bath Organica and Join us in our journey to an organic, luxurious & natural skincare.